Dark Way Conquer Online Classic Server

Client Size: 709.56 MB
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Server Information

Game Version: 5095

Classes: 4 Classes

Max Level: 137/2nd Rebirth

Features: Up-to-date

Nobility: Reset 50% Monthly

Drop Rate: Medium

Quests: New Quests & Original


Join us at DarkWay Conquer, the ultimate destination for conquer online classic server seeking a fresh and unparalleled gaming experience.
Get ready to immerse yourself in a server like no other, where we prioritize fairness, stability, and a vibrant community.

Here's what makes DarkWay Conquer stand out:

No Premium Account: We believe that every player should have equal access to all game features.
That's why there are no premium accounts at DarkWay Conquer.
Everyone can enjoy the game to its fullest without any paywalls.

No Pay to Win: Your success in the game should be determined by your dedication and skill, not your wallet.
We've created a server where real achievements are earned through hard work and perseverance, not through purchasing power.

No Bots: We're committed to providing an authentic gaming experience free from the interference of bots.
Our dedicated team works tirelessly to keep the server bot-free, ensuring fair competition and an engaging gameplay environment.

At DarkWay Conquer, we're passionate players just like you.
We've embarked on this journey to create a server that captures the essence, offering stability, fairness, and a strong sense of community.
While we have full-time jobs and limited resources, we're committed to maintaining and improving the server with your support.

We aim to create a long-lasting server that will become your home in the conquer online.
We have no plans to shut down or rebrand within weeks.
Our focus is on providing a reliable and enjoyable gaming environment for as long as there is a community of passionate players.

Join us at DarkWay Conquer and be part of a growing community of conquer online.
Explore our website, engage with fellow players, and embark on an epic adventure filled with excitement, challenges, and unforgettable moments.

Join us now, The journey begins here!

Best regards,

The DarkWay Conquer Team

DarkWay Server Rates

  • Item Drop: +2
  • DBs: 50x
  • P-Level Experience: 100x
  • P-Level Skill: 70x
  • Events Gold Prize: Minimum 50M Gold
  • Events Cps Prize: Minimum 50K CPs
  • Custom Features

    • Auto Compose Items
    • Auto Hunt
    • Auto Loot
    • VIP Services
    • Anti-Cheat
    • Perfect Ping
    • Long Life Server
    • Free Starter Gears
    • Weekly Updates
    • Online Points System
    • Custom Resolution
    • Discord Rooms provides all important information about DarkWay Conquer
    Custom NPCs

    • DeLevel NPC
    • Allocation Char Points NPC
    • VIP Shop NPC
    • 3 - 4 - 5 Starts Garments NPC
    • Warm Zone NPC
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    Server Status
    • Game Server
    • Login Server
    • 8589
    • 6599

    Top 10

    # Name Rank. Donation.
    1 JOK3RR empire 340101499659
    2 Xavîêr empire 335164999924
    3 ChopSticks empire 334111610934
    4 Vîç†ôR empire 330000000018
    5 Sniper empire 325552999675
    6 ~Death¦Danger~ empire 325149999675
    7 Bane empire 314051499715
    8 ~Momo~ empire 294055050790
    9 !~Elhusseny~! empire 175149999981
    10 |ÄRSENiK|? empire 174554305384